Climate Information

Jordan, for a relatively small country, has quite a varied climate. Most of the country is semi-arid and desert-like; however, the north gets more precipitation and has green belts and forests. The summers are very hot; yet it is a dry heat, with little humidity. Winters are cool and can be cold. There are occasional, usually short rainstorms and snow is not uncommon, especially in the north. But is a beautiful and heartily welcomed sight as far south as Petra also!
The months that INSIDER‘S PETRA most recommends for reliably good weather are April, May, October and November. However, each season has its own charm in Jordan. For instance, the summer currently brings the holy month of Ramadan, which can be a fascinating time for visitors to learn more about the country and its predominant religion (Islam). Winters are relatively mild and visitors can visit important sites like Petra and Jerash when they are nearly deserted. Winter is INSIDER’S PETRA favorite season in Jordan! Aqaba, in the extreme south on the Red Sea, is a favorite sun and sand, warm-weather destination in the winter. And in fact, all year, as it is warm and sunny all year-round! The Dead Sea (in the middle, west of Jordan) is another wonderful resort area, popular because it is warm most of the year as well.
Click the following link for an average temperature and precipitation chart for the capital, Amman: Jordan weather
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