Travel Insurance

INSIDER’S PETRA strongly recommends travel insurance. There are two main types available.
  • Cancellation coverage with medical and evacuation provisions (will also typically give some lost luggage and trip delay coverage).
  • Medical and evacuation coverage only, without cancellation coverage.
If you need to cover ‘pre-existing conditions’ for you and/or a fellow traveler (or a close family member whose health may impact your plans) you must be aware that most travel insurance plans will mandate that you purchase coverage within 14-21 days of your first trip payment, which includes deposits or airline tickets.
Note that many medical insurance plans (and for U.S. citizens, Medicare) do not provide coverage for medical problems overseas. While there is some excellent medical care available in Jordan (especially in the capital Amman), you may be asked for a cash payment for your care. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you purchase ‘primary’ coverage travel medical insurance from a company who will advance cash for your care if needed.
Evacuation to your home country for an urgent medical reason is extremely expensive, thus it is important to find a company that will give adequate coverage for this, and who has 24/7 coverage with extensive medical and contact networks.
INSIDER’S PETRA will advise their clients of the travel insurance companies they recommend and give assistance in determining the best type of plan for their clients’ coverage needs.
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