Mount Nebo

Nebo is a very famous and revered Christian holy site situated only 6 miles from Madaba. Located on a high ridge from which the Jordan Valley, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jericho can be seen on a clear day. This site is reputed to be where God showed Moses the ‘Promised Land’, and according to tradition, Moses is buried at Mt Nebo (actual gravesite is unknown). The late, beloved Pope John Paul II visited Mt Nebo in 2000 on his first pilgrimage of the new millennium. Pope Benedict XVI visited the site in 2009. There are several beautiful, extremely well-preserved ancient mosaic floors at this site, as well as a 4th Century church. An iconic huge cross, called the ‘Serpentine Cross’ graces the site, designed by the Italian artist Giovanni Fantoni. From Mount Nebo, less than a mile east can be seen ‘the spring of Moses’, another site with a spring credited to Moses striking a rock with his staff.
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