Trip Packing Suggestions

  • Travel documents: passport, flight itineraries/receipts, travel insurance policy, travel itinerary and contacts information kept in hand luggage.
  • Good walking shoes with adequate ankle support and rubber/gripping solescare VERY important! (Note: Sandals and open-toed shoes not recommended when visiting the ancient sites and deserts, due to the possibility of encountering scorpions).
  • Lightweight clothing for spring/summer/fall – cotton is best; heavier clothing is advisable for winter; we recommend long or capri-length trousers.
  • Swimwear, especially if you will be at the Dead Sea or Aqaba (‘water shoes’ recommended for the Dead Sea due to rocks, salt crystals along shoreline, sandals or flip-flops for resorts and pool-side).
  • (See our notes under ‘Customs’ for suggestions on modest dress recommended for this destination).
  • Jacket or coat (necessary for winter and very advisable for cool evenings in other seasons).
  • Sunscreen (high SPF), lip balm (with SPF protection), hat, sunglasses, travel umbrella and day pack (for carrying needed personal items during the day).
  • Scarf (for ladies, when visiting mosques).
  • Toiletries, adequate supplies of your medications and feminine products (your brands/meds may be unobtainable in Jordan), hand-sanitizer and small packets of tissues. (Note: we suggest that you keep your medications in your hand luggage, rather than checked bags).
  • Simple medical supplies such as anti-diarrheal, laxative, bandaids, ibuprofen, ear plugs, etc.
  • Small flashlight (for evening excursions) and travel alarm clock.
  • Electrical converter/adaptor set (Jordan has 220V electrical voltage and several types of outlets, predominantly the ‘UK type’. (Note: We can give you additional advice and suggestions about bringing laptops).
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