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INSIDER’S PETRA does ‘tailor-made,’ hand-crafted, private travel for visitors to Jordan and Petra. We are NOT the least expensive travel agency for Jordan arrangements, however we feel we are one of the best. We are one of the few U.S.- based agencies (our office is in Park City, Utah,) who books and advises on travel to Jordan (primarily for English-speaking travelers; although we can take care of travelers from almost anywhere who need a guide who speaks their native language.) We are very ‘hands-on’ and provide lots of detail and support for our clients; and we are happy to consult by telephone as well as email.

Jordan is not a low-budget tourist destination, unlike some other countries (notably nearby Egypt.) Several factors contribute to this, including the very high price of gasoline (higher than in the U.S.A,) the very high cost of taxes on vehicles, imports, and alcohol; and the high cost of living for the local Jordanian people.

We can craft cruise same-day shore excursions from Jordan’s Red Sea port of Aqaba as well as full, weeks-long private land journeys for singles, couples and groups visiting all the important sights in Jordan.

As a policy, we do not book hotels that are less than a 3-star designation (excepting camps in Wadi Rum; which are typically 1-2 stars; we will of course book certain Wadi Rum camps for our clients.)

We CAN book guiding services only or ‘hotels-only;’ however we are not able to book ‘transfers-only’ and sorry, we do not book rental cars in Jordan.

We have special pricing from our Jordan providers, and therefore, we do not ‘break out’ pricing of components, but rather, give a total package price. If you have a budget you must stay within, please inform us at the beginning of our communications and we will do our best to stay within it, OR alternatively we would be happy to suggest other providers for you to contact who specialize in lower-budget trips.

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