Our Story

Michelle, our founder & president, has over 25 years of experience in the international travel industry and lives in Utah, U.S.A. most of the year. She travels to Jordan personally a minimum of 3-4 times per year. She has a great deal of experience planning individual and group travel in the country (and the region, in particular, additionally Egypt.) Michelle has numerous personal contacts in Jordan that makes INSIDER’S PETRA travel planning very unique – we are able to plan special, unusual experiences for travelers to the country that NOONE else can arrange! Call Michelle TOLL FREE at 855-928-2538 (or + 1-435-649-3053), or email her via our contact form for a sampling of the totally unique experiences that we can offer; particularly in famous Petra.
Michelle ‘discovered’ Jordan for herself over ten years ago. But her family connection with the country goes back much further than that. Her maternal grandparents were asked to start the first modern milk dairy in the region in 1962. So as a child, Michelle met many Jordanians who were visiting her grandparents in Utah (where she and they lived) and heard numerous stories about the country. Michelle has spent a lot of time in Jordan; traveled all over the country; stayed in all of the best hotels; and in fact, she keeps her own year-round apartment (with a huge terrace!) in Petra for her use when she is visiting there. INSIDER’S PETRA uses this apartment for functions for travel clients – special parties, receptions to ‘meet the locals,’ etc. Michelle travels and researches constantly to keep on top of current travel trends and conditions in the country, and the best hotels and travel experiences.
Toll-free: 855-928-2538 or Email us!
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